Providing sanitary sewer service throughout Baldwin County, in addition to septic tank pumping for only $275.  We do not currently repair or replace septic systems, but please schedule your tank to be pumped with us for a low price and excellent service.
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If you're an existing customer and have emergency service/grinder pump inquiries and repairs, contact (251) 971-3022 anytime, day or night.

Residential Service

BCSS offers complete installation and service of E/One grinder pump systems for residences on or near our service lines. The BCSS-E/One low pressure system not only offers greater safety to the surrounding environment, it also provides greater security for the individual homeowner. Carefully engineered to do one job perfectly, E/One grinder pumps set the standard for reliability in the industry. Built from heavy-duty components, these pumps use a minimum of moving parts and are designed in a modular fashion, so that repairs can be quickly and easily achieved, if necessary. With an outstanding record of reliability and the lowest downtime for repairs, you can take comfort in knowing you’ve chosen the best system. Call us for a complimentary site survey and service options in your area at (251) 971-3022.

Advantages of the BCSS-E/One Sewer System for Homeowners:

  • Safe – protects water quality and enhances quality of life
  • Reduces costs of housing – both initial and ongoing
  • Visually benign – only evidence is a low profile cover that is easily camouflaged
  • Does not disrupt the beauty of the landscape or damage built structures
  • Virtually no preventive maintenance required of homeowner
  • Central sewer increases value of home
  • Limited Extended Warranty available


BCSS works closely with developers and engineers to implement the best and most efficient system design suitable for a variety of developments. No project is too big or too small. Whether you are developing a 2,500 lot subdivision or an 8 lot trailer park, BCSS is there for you. We can provide individual grinder pumps or provide onsite lift stations for your gravity feed.

Advantages of the BCSS-E/One Sewer System for Developers:

  • Permits freedom to sewer anywhere in any kind of terrain
  • Low initial costs make central sewers economically feasible
  • Low initial costs make development economically feasible
  • Central sewer increases value of development units
  • High reliability – maintenance is minimal
  • Engineering and technical support during design, construction, installation and operation
  • Proven engineering and design


The E/One low pressure system allows homes to be sited in delicate environments, such as high water tables, without compromising surrounding water quality. By transporting wastewater up to two miles horizontally or up to 140 feet vertically, E/One pumps move wastewater away from pristine shorelines, underground aquifers and other sensitive natural areas.
And because of their unique, small-diameter piping, E/One sewer systems are much more benign to install than septic fields or gravity fed sewers. These pipes are installed in narrow trenches that follow the natural contours of the land, making for a minimally disruptive installation. The E/One grinder pump station is installed in-ground, nearly flush with the surface, making it work easily with new construction and existing structures alike.


Advantages of the BCSS-E/One Sewer System for Contractors and Builders:

  • Installation follows contours of the land – does not require major excavation
  • Sewer anywhere – flat, wet, rocky, hilly, on any kind of site, even sites deemed undevelopable
  • No preventive maintenance, reliable performance
  • BCSS does the work for you