Septic vs. Sewer

Sewer Service Benefits

  • Less Hassle. Takes the burden of waste water removal away from consumers, especially during heavy rain
  • Can Improve Property Value. Some mortgage lenders even require connecting to sewer service where available for refinancing or purchasing property
  • Good for the environment. Field line effluent from septic systems can pollute ground water. Public sanitary sewer is the cleanest, safest way to treat wastewater
  • Promotes Development. Takes up much less space than septic systems, increasing room to build & develop land
  • Reliable. BCSS offers service and repairs as needed 24/7/365, and your call is always answered by a real person

Why Property Owners Prefer Our Service                

Description of Service Benefits                     

Septic & Sewer Service Complete Comparison

Environmental Enhancement Program (EEP):

Properties that qualify for EEP discounted connection rates are described below:

Septic system conversion |   New construction with septic system option |   Waterfront Property

The EEP package includes sewer tap fee, and if applicable- E/One grinder pump & pump/ sewer service  installation

Click Here for Special Pricing Available During Hurricane Season

$3,995 for residences on pressure lines*

$2,250 residential tap fee on gravity lines*

$4,995 for standard commercial buildings on pressure lines*

$3,250 commercial tap fee on gravity lines*

*Commercial rate can vary depending on type of business and water usage.

*Properties on the west side of Fish River may have different pricing.

*Franchise fees may apply.

FLEXIBLE FINANCING AVAILABLE for EEP Connections:  Low down payment, 12 months 0% interest or up to 60 months 9.25% interest

Contact Jenny Williams for more information on connecting to our service at (251) 971-1516 /